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How Will Your Family be Affected?

Do not underestimate the significance of Life Insurance. Take a moment to envision the consequences for your family in the event of your or your partner’s passing:
  • Financial Stability: Consider how they would manage financially, including bill payments, childcare, and holiday expenses.
  • Balancing Responsibilities: Contemplate the challenges your partner might face in handling work, household tasks, and childcare simultaneously.
  • Lifestyle Impact: Reflect on how their lifestyle, preferences, and habits might be altered.
  • Long-term Security: Ponder the potential impact on their financial future and overall security.

Life Insurance is an affordable option. Is safeguarding your family’s future not worth the investment?

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Our Life Insurance Advice Service, provides comprehensive coverage with access to 17 providers.

Our Life Insurance Advice Service

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What is Life Insurance?

You pay a monthly premium to ensure that, upon your passing, your family receives a payment to offset any loss of income or extra expenses they may face.

Life insurance

Life Insurance

Know the basics:
  • You could receive a lump sum to either pay off your mortgage or create a nest egg for your family.
  • Additionally, a monthly income can be paid to help with covering bills and the cost of living.
  • You have the option to take out life insurance in your sole name or jointly with your partner.
  • Furthermore, you can add Critical Illness coverage to your life insurance policy.
  • If you opt for a Term Assurance policy, it will provide cover with a specific end date.
  • On the other hand, a Whole of Life Insurance policy has no end date, guaranteeing a payout.
Ensure you obtain Life Insurance soon:
  • Insurance expenses rise with age, so the sooner you secure coverage, the lower the premium.
  • It shields you from potential illnesses that might hinder your eligibility for coverage.
Life Insurance ought to be placed in Trust:
  • This bypasses probate, resulting in a quicker payout.
  • It is exempt from Inheritance Tax.
  • The funds are directed to the intended recipient.
    • This is especially crucial for unmarried partners and in the absence of a will.

Why You Should Get Advice

There are compelling reasons why you should seek Life Insurance Advice.

Life Insurance Advice helps you get it right first time:
  • Access to a wide range of insurance providers facilitates a deeper understanding of products.
  • Expertise is available to provide solutions tailored to your budget.
  • Complex matters can be effectively managed with the assistance of knowledgeable advisers.
  • You can rest assured you are protected against bad advice from the the insurance held by advisers.
  • The advice you receive translates into time and money savings
  • Complete peace of mind is the ultimate outcome.

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I sought the assistance from Paul a few years ago with regards to my life and critical illness insurance. Paul has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have the most suitable policy in place. His knowledge on the subject and advice is invaluable and I will not hesitate to recommend his services.

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Paul has dealt with our families life and critical care insurance for over 20 years, we have always felt assured by his services and attention to detail.

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Paul is a highly experienced financial advisor who has the unique capacity to communicate complex issues in a very straight forward and understandable manner with sole objective of improving a clients financial position. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul for a highly personalised financial advisory service.

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