Thinking about Critical Illness Insurance?

Would you want to worry about money if you became seriously ill?

The quality of critical illness insurance policies vary significantly.  Our advice service will simplify your experience to ensure your protected in your hour of need.

Would You Want to Worry about Money?

What would the effect of having Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke have on your finances?
  • Loss of Income: A Critical Illness can lead to extended periods off work which can make it challenging to cover the cost of living.
  • Impact on your Partner: Your partner may need time off work to assist with your care, ultimately leading to a loss of income for them also.
  • Funding Health Care: With the priority of getting better, you may need additional capital to assist with funding care and treatment.
  • Financial Security: Even if you returned to work, your working hours may reduce, therefore, your long term financial security is at risk.

Critical Illness Insurance can eliminate financial worry so you can just focus on getting better.

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Our Critical Illness Insurance Advice Service, provides comprehensive coverage with access to 17 providers and a wide range of products.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

It pays a tax free lump sum when diagnosed with a specified critical illness that includes a long list of illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes and many more.

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Critical Illness Insurance

The quality of cover and range of illnesses vary between each insurance company, however, there are 3 types of critical illness policies:

  • Key 3 Illnesses: Cancer, Heart Attack and Strokes. (only 1 provider)
  • Core Cover: Limited to a smaller set of major illnesses and a solution to suit your budget.
  • Comprehensive Cover: Offers a much broader range of cover with a variety of conditions but is more expensive.

You have the option to add bolt on’s to your cover:

  • Total Permanent Disability: Protection for if you unable to carry out your job due to disability.
  • Children Cover: Grants the same level of cover for your children.
  • Buy back Cover: Enables your cover to be replaced in the event of you making a claim.

Your choice should fall on your specific needs, budget and the level of coverage you feel comfortable with.

Why You Should Get Advice

There are compelling reasons why you should seek Critical Illness Insurance Advice.

Failure to get advice could prove costly in the event of a claim.
The cover offered from insurance companies varies dramatically. Advisers have access to tools that analyses:

  • Difference in types of illnesses protected.
  • The small print which determines the definition of when a policy will pay out.
  • Which insurance companies will protect pre-existing medical conditions.

An adviser will:

  • Provide a recommendation to suit your budget.
  • Benefit you from the expertise and experience they have.
  • Ensure that your policy will be set up correctly.
  • Save you time and money.

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I sought the assistance from Paul a few years ago with regards to my life and critical illness insurance. Paul has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have the most suitable policy in place. His knowledge on the subject and advice is invaluable and I will not hesitate to recommend his services.

Ms McFaitePreston

Paul has dealt with our families life and critical care insurance for over 20 years, we have always felt assured by his services and attention to detail.

Mr MilburnLytham

Paul is a highly experienced financial advisor who has the unique capacity to communicate complex issues in a very straight forward and understandable manner with sole objective of improving a clients financial position. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul for a highly personalised financial advisory service.

Mr WalshPreston